As I think about the possibilities of what the future holds, it thrills and excites me in a way that is incredible! But I haven’t always felt that way. In fact, there were times when the future was downright scary and I questioned what I could offer and what I should do next! But, no matter how tough times were, I ALWAYS felt pulled into the future by a force bigger and so much more than just me and my scary situations. I felt powerfully drawn by something I knew could impact YOU – the thousands of women in the world whose lives would change because of Plunder.

It’s personal for me. It’s in me at the core. It’s never burned stronger than it does right now.

Let me tell you where we are going…and invite you to come with us. At Plunder, our mission is to help women find the beauty and the power inside themselves and others. We challenge women to “FIND HER,” that unapologetic, gutsy girl that lives inside each of us and then help others do the same.

Here’s what the world looks like when we accomplish our mission: Women rise to the occasion with new confidence and passion. They lose the shame and doubt that held them back. They show up powerfully in every area of their lives and accomplish things they never knew were possible. They find safety in a community where they belong and know they are supported. We call this the Plunder Sisterhood and we see the manifestations of these miracles every day. Nothing is more powerful than the energy that TOGETHER generates.

So, we honor the Sisterhood that has become core to the Plunder culture. For more than eight years now, amazing women have linked arms with us and with each other to create what we now enjoy. It’s a Sisterhood that elevates and empowers. It’s a Sisterhood that saves. It’s a Sisterhood that ALWAYS has enough room for others.

Come discover your possibilities! TOGETHER, let’s find HER in you and every woman! She is worth it! YOU are worth it!

All in, Hillary

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