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Picture of Heidi Shay Earrings Picture of Heidi Shay Earrings
Faux suede tassels with gold foil accents.
Picture of Laurabelle Earrings Picture of Laurabelle Earrings
Black faux suede on gold hoops accented with gold studs.
Picture of Cecily Bracelet Picture of Cecily Bracelet
Faux leather strap with matte gold accents.
Picture of Jessamine Bracelet Picture of Jessamine Bracelet
Brown leather cuff accented with silver studs.
Picture of Sabrina Bracelet Picture of Sabrina Bracelet
Faux leather braided cord in white with gold accents.
Picture of Walter Bracelet Picture of Walter Bracelet
Fabulous men's bracelet, black leather with cross and closure.
Picture of Karina Bracelet Picture of Karina Bracelet
Gold faux leather bracelet with pearl and rhinestone accents.
Picture of Maia Necklace Picture of Maia Necklace
Tan leather cord and tassle with blush pink beads and gold accents.
Picture of Jackson Bracelet Picture of Jackson Bracelet
Customizable silver bar with brown leather band