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Picture of Simone Necklace Picture of Simone Necklace
A necklace to match any outfit, this necklace features a silver peace pendant and multi-colored, acrylic, and glass beads.
Picture of Loudene Necklace Picture of Loudene Necklace
Turquoise stones set in an antique bronze cross.
Picture of Athena Necklace Picture of Athena Necklace
Beautiful mint green wood bead necklace with matte gold cross.
Picture of Rainey Necklace Picture of Rainey Necklace
Tiny pearls on gold chain with natural pearl pendant.
Picture of Calliope Necklace Picture of Calliope Necklace
Pink seed bead necklace accented with natural stones and pearls.
Picture of Faith Necklace Picture of Faith Necklace
Antique bronze inspirational with mustard seeds in a glass bulb.
Picture of Clara Wren Necklace Picture of Clara Wren Necklace
Matte silver metal beads.
Lisa Bailee Necklace Picture of Lisa Bailee Necklace
Antique gold metal beads.
Picture of Fawn Necklace Picture of Fawn Necklace
Matte gold chain with pearl and crystal encrusted pendants.