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Picture of Brody Earrings Picture of Brody Earrings
These triple hoop, lightweight metal earrings are a stylish and trendy accessory that will elevate any outfit.
Picture of Estella Necklace Picture of Estella Necklace
Fun silver monogram bubble necklace!
Picture of Marcy Earrings Picture of Marcy Earrings
These radiant gold bow earrings create a chic look that is sure to turn heads.
Picture of Marcy Necklace Picture of Marcy Necklace
This gold bow necklace can be paired with the Marcy earrings to create a chic look that is sure to turn heads.
Picture of Island Oasis Bundle
Set includes our Minnie Bracelet, Mirabel Necklace, Shaleen Bracelet, Nikko Earrings, and Haven Earrings.
Picture of Safari Chic Bundle
Set includes our Y'all Necklace, Ambretta Earrings, Camilla Rae Earrings, and Leopard Headband.
Picture of Yankee Chic Bundle
Set includes our Phoenix Earrings, Felicia Earrings, Krystie Earrings, Alexandra Bracelet, and December Posse 2021 Necklace.
Picture of Sip & Shine Bundle
Set includes our Millie Earrings, Samira Necklace, Chantal Earrings, Justine Bracelet, and Tumbler.
Picture of Summer Escape Bundle
Set includes our Emma Anklet, Fawn Necklace, Lexie Necklace, and September 2022 Posse Bracelet.