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Picture of Saylor Bracelet Picture of Saylor Bracelet
Stunning yellow acrylic bracelet, accented with faux pearls and delicate gold discs.
Picture of Tayo Bracelet Picture of Tayo Bracelet
A timeless piece that will never go out of style, this bracelet is the perfect accessory for any outfit.
Picture of Britta Bracelet Picture of Britta Bracelet
Matte gold inserts with clear gems.
Picture of Karina Bracelet Picture of Karina Bracelet
Gold faux leather bracelet with pearl and rhinestone accents.
Picture of Lori Bracelet Picture of Lori Bracelet
This matte gold bracelet features coral accents that give it a bold eye-catching look.
Picture of Laurel Bracelet Picture of Laurel Bracelet
Matte gold bangle with pearl accents.
Picture of Josephine Lilly Bracelet Picture of Josephine Lilly Bracelet
Matte gold cuff accented with light purple gem.
Picture of Emerald Bracelet Picture of Emerald Bracelet
Matte gold bangle encrusted with emerald-colored rhinestones.
Picture of Spell Bracelet Picture of Spell Bracelet
Matte gold studded metal bangle with black stone accents.