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Picture of Quincy Silver Charms Picture of Quincy Silver Charms
Whatever your style is, these charms will help you express it in the best way possible.
Picture of Finn Henry Earrings Picture of Finn Henry Earrings
These stunning earrings feature a captivating design with shimmering green and gold seed beads.
Picture of Penelope Earrings Picture of Penelope Earrings
These seed bead earrings are a great addition to any jewelry collection.
Picture of Cosette Earrings Picture of Cosette Earrings
These faux Navajo pearls are easy to wear with a drop turquoise bead.
Picture of Beezy Bracelet Picture of Beezy Bracelet
Elegant and timeless, this bracelet is a must-have for your jewelry collection.
Picture of Brittania Ring Picture of Brittania Ring
This stunning ring is perfect for those who want to wear something that is both elegant and unique.
Picture of Nash Earrings Picture of Nash Earrings
These hammered matte gold earrings feature a turquoise accent.
Picture of Hayes Necklace Picture of Hayes Necklace
This beautiful necklace is made with faux Navajo pearls, which are known for their unique colors and luster.
Picture of Navaeh Charm Picture of Navaeh Charm
This beautiful necklace charm features a silver pendant with cream-marbled stones.