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Picture of Ryan Necklace Picture of Ryan Necklace
Natural stone bead necklace with silver cross pendant.
Picture of Athena Necklace Picture of Athena Necklace
Beautiful mint green wood bead necklace with matte gold cross.
Picture of Gigi Necklace Picture of Gigi Necklace
This necklace is a must-have for any jewelry collection.
Picture of Nelly Necklace Picture of Nelly Necklace
This dark red rope necklace is a true statement piece.
Picture of Hayes Necklace Picture of Hayes Necklace
This beautiful necklace is made with faux Navajo pearls, which are known for their unique colors and luster.
Picture of Simone Necklace Picture of Simone Necklace
A necklace to match any outfit, this necklace features a silver peace pendant and multi-colored, acrylic, and glass beads.
Picture of Raelynn Necklace Picture of Raelynn Necklace
Natural cork beads accented with matte gold and green adorned with a marbled burnt orange pendant.
Picture of Marley Necklace Picture of Marley Necklace
Adorn your neck with this necklace that features a gold chain, decorative ring closure and multiple hanging charms.
Picture of Calliope Necklace Picture of Calliope Necklace
Pink seed bead necklace accented with natural stones and pearls.